Give your Home a Facelift with New Blinds, Shutters and Awnings

It is always a pleasure to sit out in the sun and enjoy the weather when it is nice and balmy. But, it is when the sun gets hot, and you are living in a geographical area that has hot summers, that you need to consider ways of reducing pic15the effect it can have on the inside of your home.

The sun that enters a home can cause furniture and furnishings to fade, and it is the ultraviolet rays of the sun that do the most damage. Window glass does not act as a barrier that is effective in preventing this damage, and that is why you may need to look at some home improvement methods that can help out in this regard. You can do this in three different ways or even use all the alternatives suggested here. This will, of course, depend on the orientation of your windows and the budget that you have for these modifications to your home. These are:

• Blinds
• Shutters
• Awnings
pic3Blinds are an ideal way to prevent the sun’s rays from affecting the living space in your rooms and can be of many types. You can use blinds that are horizontal or vertical. They can be made of many materials from fabric, metal, PVC, wood or bamboo. The choice of blinds will depend on your other décor and the budget that you have. Choose blinds that can be opened and closed, as this then allows you to let in light and ventilation when the sun goes down. Blinds can also ensure privacy for your home and add elegance to an interior.

An alternative to blinds, or even an addition to them, can be shuttered that are installed inside the windows or even on the outside if you find it convenient to operate them from the outside. They can be the rolling type or the collapsible type that will fold into the side so that you can open them after dark.pic9

Awnings are a very elegant addition to any window and again can be made of many materials, and are often available in a lot of colors and designs. You can choose to put up awnings over the windows on the outside of your home, which are retractable.

All these three alternatives are very efficient ways of reducing the effect of the sun on the inside of your home and can also help to reduce heat, which in turn can help to reduce the energy required for cooling.